Wanhat wasket


The concert presents the progression of the tuba family from the serpent to the modern-day tuba. The programme consists of music from the eras of each of the instruments as well as familiar melodies so that the listener can concentrate on the different timbres. This is the very first time the tuba family instruments are presented this comprehensively in Finland.


Tielman Susato: Dances from ’’The Danserye’’
Arr. Niklas Hagmark

1. La Mourisque
2. Ronde
3. Ronde – Mon Amy
4. Pavane Battaile

Georg Philipp Telemann: Sonata in F minor, TWV41
1. Triste
4. Vivace

Johann Sebastian Bach: Violin Partita No. 2 in D minor, BWV 1004
1. Allemande
2. Courante
3. Sarabande

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy: Sonata No. 4 in B major Op. 65
2. Andante religioso
4. Allegro Maestoso e vivace

Vincenzo Bellini: Casta Diva from the opera Norma

Giuseppe Verdi arr. Niklas Hagmark:
Choir of Hebrew Slaves from the opera Nabucco

Giacomo Puccini: Nessun from Dorma’s opera Turandot

Jacques Castérède: Sonatine Part 2 Sérénade

Richard Wagner arr. Niklas Hagmark:
Pilgrims’ Choir from the opera Tannhäuser

Giuseppe Verdi arr. Niklas Hagmark: Festive march from the opera Aida

Giles Farnaby arr. Niklas Hagmark: The Old Spagnolett



Tuba: Harri Lidsle

Serpent ja ophicleide: Nicolas Indermühle

Percussion: Casepr Lidsle

Organ: Pauliina Hyry

Introduction to the instruments