Tiina Sara-Aho

Tiina Sara-aho studied classical ballet and contemporary dance at Sonja Tammela ballet school in Lappeenranta. Her studies continued in Helsinki dance institute. She has danced in productions of Lappeenranta and Helsinki theaters and in dance theater Miimos. She has studied in Helsinki City Theater with Jorma Uotinen, Jill Miller and Maj Lis Rajala. With a grant from the Kordelin Foundation she participated in the dance competition of Kuopio Dance and Music Festival with a classical and a contemporary performance. She is a professional member of Finnish Dance Artists’ Union. She has taken part of numerous dance courses with for example Marianna Bogoljubskaja, Marin Veltchev and Konstantin Damianov. Tiina Sara-aho has graduated as dance pedagogue from the Theater Academy. In her job as primary school teacher dance was pushed back, only to return. Now it is deepened into a spiritual dimension as Sara-aho graduated in 2011 as instructor of meditative dance and with a Master’s Degree in theology in 2014. In her new work as instructor of meditative dance and performing artist she has created a synthesis of all her past work and life experience as well as education. A strong inner vision creates meditative peace into her work. Currently Sara-aho directs groups in different parishes and participates in church services and other events with liturgical dance.  https://www.meditatiivinenpyhatanssi.com