The international Kave Ensemble collects Sanna Mansikkaniemi’s proficient musician friends who all share interest in the world music and improvisation. 

Guitarist, composer, arranger and teacher Dmitri Timoshenko has studied in the Georg Ots Music School in Tallinn, the Turku Art Academy in Finland and the Geneva University of Music in Swizerland. Nowadays he works as a guitar teacher and a performing musician in his hometown Tallinn. 

Multi-instrumentalist Silvo Vatanen plays several traditional instruments from Latin America, such as charango, the small guitar from the Andes, siku (pan flutes) and trutruca, a wind instrument related to the trumpet. He has worked several years with the Latin American music already and he masters many different musical genres of the continent. 

Percussionist João Lopes has come to Finland from Portugal and he is familiar with both the classical percussions of the symphony orchestra as well as the several world music percussions. For the time being he works as a freelancer musician and continues his studies in the Global Music department of the SibeliusAcademy in Helsinki. 

Saija Hostikka comes from Kymenlaakso, Finland and she has passed the vocational examination of classical music in the Conservatorium of Jyväskylä. Now she continues her studies in the folk music department of Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. In addition to the classical and folk music, she also has the beat of tango and other dances in her fingers. 

Olli Kari is a frequently asked artist and qualified teacher in the Finnish folk scene. Starting in the age of four on piano, Olli started stretching the aesthetics with the accordions in the age of eleven. Olli’s strengths also include contemporary electric means of music production, and singing in various styles. Graduating 2011 from the first Nordic Master of Folk Music, a joint programme between the Sibelius Academy, Kungliga Musikhogskolan in Stockholm and Det Fynske Musikkonservatoriumin in Odense, Denmark, Olli went on absorbing various musical styles and cultures, with among other notable teachers Maria Kalaniemi, Mika Väyrynen, Ale Möller, Jonas Knutsson, Carl Erik Lundgaard and Bo Stief.

Nowadays Olli can be heard e.g. with the bands Katriina Honkanen & Tulilintu, Sari Kaasinen & Otawa, Vimma Allstars and Sanna Mansikkaniemi’s Rokasahurit. In his youth, Olli has performed in nearly every European country and from Mexico to Japan. Olli teaches in the Sibelius Academy Folk Big Band and PopJazz Conservatory, and can be heard in many albums, films and theatre productions as well.