Jimi Järvinen


Jimi Järvinen (b. 1996) began his organ studies at the age of 8 under Arto Ristolainen. He was later taught by Mikael Heikius and Kalevi Kiviniemi, as well as organists Vincent Dubois and Johann Vexo from Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Järvinen started his career early, working in various congregations from the age of 11. He gave his organ concert at the age of 14 at Vaasa Church. He made his international debut in Spain, giving concerts at the age of 15 in Madrid at Almudena Cathedral. Abroad, Järvinen has also given concerts in Sweden, Germany, Hungary and France. Järvinen constantly gives concerts both as a soloist and with various choirs and orchestras. He has also worked as an organist at Lapua Cathedral. He is currently the artistic director of the Lapua Organ Festival.


Gioacchino Rossini: La Gazza Ladra
Julius Reubke: Sonate ”Der 94. Psalm”
Gioacchino Rossini: Guillaume Tell ”Wilhelm Tell”
Saint Saëns: Marche Militaire FranÇaise