Heikki Ruokonen (born 1958) is a freelance musicien, cantor organist, choir dirigent, pianist. He has worked in music occupation e.g. in Lahti, Hollola, Helsinki and since 1990 in Järvenpää. Ruokonen is the leader of the Prima Vista mixed choir of young adults  in the parish of Järvenpää. The choir has performed  e.g. in the rock oper  Jesus Christ Superstar as theater and concert version in Helsinki and Järvenpää.

The chorus performed in Finlandia House in Helsinki 2003 including south american music with composer Ariel Ramirez and orchestra. Next year the chorus gave a concert in ”Sea ad Music” festival at the Gulf of Finland.

Heikki Ruokonen is at his best improvisation; e.g. film music themes and the variations. In year 2017 Ruokonen performs in Sodankylä film festival (in northern Finland) and plays film music at organ in Sodankylä church. Some years ago Ruokonen improvised the music to Metropolis film by Fritz Lang in Agricola church in Helsinki.