Anna-Mari Yrjänä (b. 1968) is a versatile musician from Kankaanpää who performs as pianist, organist, singer and cembalist as well as accordionist and harmonium player in folk-music bands. She is especially fond of chamber music and accompanying singers, instrumentalists and choirs. She has often assisted various orchestras as a continuo player.

Anna-Mari Yrjänä studied organ at the Sibelius Academy under the guidance of professor Kari Jussila and completed her A-degree with excellent marks in 1996 and the supreme 3-degree in organ improvisation with Harri Viitanen as her teacher. She has further rounded out her studies at several master classes (L.F. Tagliavini, J. van Oortmessern, W. Rübsam, L. Lohmann, H. Vogel).

Since 2012 Anna-Mari has worked at the Kankaanpää Music Institute teaching piano and free accompaniment. Before that she worked as a church musician in, inter alia, the parishes of Kankaanpää and Ikaalinen. She is also active in folk music organizations. Her hobbies include singing in Pori’s Bach Choir and dance sport.